EasyPro Pro-Series Large Pond Kit - 24 Foot x 24 Foot Pond


Due to the unique nature of large pond and waterfall applications most of these jobs are custom designed to fit your exact needs. Please fax us a drawing of your project and let us help you design your water feature. Following are a few examples of large pond kits, keep in mind they can be altered to your exact needs!


  • 45 mil Firestone liner
  • Liner underlayment
  • Large Pro-Series skimmer (PS2FB)
  • Large Pro-Series AquaFalls filter/waterfall base (AL)
  • 9,000 GPH or larger submersible pump
  • 3" check valve assembly
  • 3" flexible PVC pipe
  • One gallon beneficial pond bacteria (ASB128)
  • Four underwater lights with transformer
  • WIK2 installation kit which includes PVC primer, glue, liner patch, black foam and two tubes of silicone


Shipping Notes Ships by motor freight
Pond Size 24' x 24'
Liner Size 30' x 30'
Skimmer FS2FB
Filter AL

3 x 50'

Lighting EPLK2 plus two EPL20 Lights
Pond Gallons 10000 Gallons
Pump Warranty 2 Years

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